GSAC Member Policy

CoE Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC)

Member Term Policy

Below are the guidelines for the GSAC members:

  1. GSAC members must be willing to attend their department’s graduate advisory council meetings and report the discussion back to GSAC.
  2. You are the voice for all the students in your department, so attendance is imperative.  Any member who does not attend at least 4 of the 6 GSAC meetings in a given year will be sent a warning that he/she will be removed if attendance and/or participation are not improved.  If improvement is not seen, the member will be replaced.  If there is a valid conflict with the scheduled meetings, special permission may be requested to miss those meetings.
  3. A member can choose to leave at any time.
  4. For a vacancy either for a specific department or a key graduate student society, GSAC members and the department/society will be asked to nominate a new student.  Of the nominations made, the Coordinator of Graduate Programs will make the final decision as to whom will fill the seat.