Event Planning Resources

Room Reservations

CoE building maps: http://www.engin.umich.edu/college/admissions/visit/maps/buildings

CoE classrooms: http://caen.engin.umich.edu/classrooms/roomsearch

  • See the location, capacity, equipment, etc.
  • Classrooms are scheduled via Paul Ivacko, pauli@umich.edu
  • Usually no fee
  • Can use any caterer

Lurie Engineering Center rooms:  https://rpm.engin.umich.edu/room-scheduling/ 

  • Description of rooms
  • Submit form for reservation
  • Outside doors are locked at 6:00pm
  • Usually no fee
  • Can use any caterer
  • 3rd floor Johnson Rooms have access to catering kitchen

Duderstadt Center rooms: http://www.dc.umich.edu/forms/conference-room-reservation

  • Submit an online form to reserve space
  • Usually no fee, unless food is served
  • Can use any caterer

North Campus Research Complex: http://ncrc.umich.edu/life-ncrc/services/requests

  • Click on NCRC Event Request to read guidelines and to submit an online form to reserve space
  • Must use approved caterer
  • Contact: NCRCEvents@umich.edu  

UM Building Search: http://campusinfo.umich.edu/building-search  

UM rooms: https://campusinvolvement.umich.edu/reserve-space

University Unions rooms (Michigan League, Michigan Union, Palmer Commons, or Pierpont Commons): http://conferences.umich.edu/meetings/venues/

  • These rooms have a fee
  • The only caterer that can be used in these rooms is Michigan Catering: https://catering.umich.edu/ 
  • Reservations can be made by student societies or staff with a short code

School of Music, Theater, and Dance rooms: http://www.music.umich.edu/about/facilities/rental.htm

  • These rooms have a fee
  • Food is not allowed

Major Performance Venue Rentals: https://campusinvolvement.umich.edu/topic/reservations 

Guideline for Use of UM Grounds: http://www.fo.umich.edu/pdf/Guideline_for_Use_of_UM_Grounds.pdf

Policies for Students:  http://studentpolicies.umich.edu/

Outdoor Event Request Form: http://fo.umich.edu/outdoor_events/

UM Museum of Art rooms: https://umma.umich.edu/event-rentals


University approved vendors: http://procurement.umich.edu/buying/find-products-services/category/restaurants-and-catering

  • All approved vendors accept short codes

Environment Health & Safety Temporary Event Planning Requirements:  http://ehs.umich.edu/campus-life-safety/temporary-event-planning/


Student communications: http://studentcommunications.engin.umich.edu/

  • Advertise to students via announcement and event correspondence through an online form system

Student Organization Resource Center: https://campusinvolvement.umich.edu/sorc/advertising-services

  • Advertising resources for societies


Miscellaneous Resources

Center for Campus Involvement Event Planning Guide: https://campusinvolvement.umich.edu/content/event-planning-101 

Happening @ Michigan: https://events.umich.edu/ 

  • See what’s happening around campus before you set the date for your event

Info You Need to Know: http://ink.engin.umich.edu/

  • Click on the links on the left to find resources for fun activities, cultural events, etc.

A/V equipment loans:  http://www.dc.umich.edu/Duderstadt-checkout

Activity Planning Checklist: http://studentaffairs.engin.umich.edu/graduate-student-community-grant-program/event-planning-resources/activity-planning-checklist/