Graduate Student Achievements

The College of Engineering is proud of its students who show they are the “Leaders and Best!” This page is dedicated to those graduate students who have been recognized for their achievements. We would like to showcase the achievements of all students who have received recognition for their work, so if you have been recognized (and are not already listed below), please let us know by sending email to


ASME Graduate Teaching Fellowship

  • Rachel Vitali, ME

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship

  • Keara Saud, MSE

3rd Annual Materials Research Symposium Winners

  • Logan Williams, MSE
  • Bryan Van Saders, MSE

CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition Winner

  • Ofir Weisse, CSE

J. Robert Beyster Computational Innovation Graduate Fellows Program

  • Matt Bartos, CEE

NWRI-Biolargo Graduate Fellowship

  • Katherine Dowdell, CEE

Fiessinger Doctoral Scholarship

  • Cassandra Champagne, CEE

Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery & Engineering (MICDE) Fellowship

  • Sehwan Chung, CEE

Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Fellowship

  • Anne Menefee, CEE

Charles M. Eastman Top PhD Paper Award

  • Houtan Jebelli, CEE

NSF Graduate Fellowship

  • Tyler Gerhardson, BME
  • William Wang, BME

2019 Dow Sustainability Doctoral Fellows

  • Cassandra Champagne, CEE
  • Suzanne Chou, ME
  • Morteza Taiebat, CEE

2019 Dow Sustainability Master’s Fellows

  • Claire Dodinval, CEE
  • Genevieve Sertic, CEE
  • Kanchan Swaroop, CEE
  • Maxwell Woody, CEE

Innovative Signal Analysis (ISA) Fellowship

  • Caroline Crockett, ECE
  • Nathan Kovarik, ECE

2018 Engineering Graduate Symposium Winners

  • Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding Ph.D. Research Winner
    • Amanda Lietz (NERS)
    • Olivia Palmer (BME)
    • Stephen Taller (NERS)
  • Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding Ph.D. Research Winner Honorable Mention
    • Rose Cersonsky (MACRO)
    • John Gideon (CSE)
    • Katherine Skinner (Robotics)
  • Emerging Research
    • Basic Science: Michael Wadas (ME)
    • Social Impact: Glen Chou (ECE)
    • Engineering Innovation: Katie Matton (CSE)
    • Science Communication: Matthew Perez (CSE)
  • Advanced Research
    • Basic Science: Tyler Flynn (ME)
    • Social Impact: Lauren Steimle (IOE)
    • Engineering Innovation: Xiaotong Sun (CEE)
    • Science Communication: Da Li (CEE)
  • Scientific Visualization
    • Xin Zan (ECE)
  • People’s Choice Awards
    • Advanced Research: Alireza Nafari (AERO)
    • Emerging Research: Victoria Florence (Robotics)
    • Scientific Visualization: Prashin Sharma (Robotics)


Past Student Achievements