University-Wide Mentoring Resources:

  • University Mentorship Program (UMP)
    [email protected] | (734) 764-6413
    The University Mentorship Program, a part of the Office of New Student Programs, provides support to students making the transition from high school to college. Mentorship is open to all first-year students. The program is one of the many Michigan Learning Communities available to students on campus. These programs help to make the University a smaller place by building relationships between students, faculty and staff. Throughout the fall semester Mentorship groups participate in a variety of activities, both academic and social, that work towards supporting and encouraging each first-year student.
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)
    [email protected] | (734) 998-9391
    The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) creates research partnerships between first- and second-year students and UM faculty. All schools and colleges are active participants in UROP, providing a wealth of research topics from which students can choose. The program continues to grow, offering more first and second year students the opportunity to be part of an exciting research community. Today, approximately 900 students and over 600 faculty researchers are engaged in research partnerships.
  • College of Engineering Peer Mentoring Program (PMP)
    [email protected] | (734) 647-7106
    The CoE Peer Mentor Program’s mission is to successfully facilitate the transition to college life for incoming students to the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. We aim to provide incoming students with resources for all facets of college life on a student-by-student basis. We hope that through our efforts, members of the Peer Mentor Program will create a sense of belonging and community within both the Peer Mentor Program and the College of Engineering as a whole.