CoE Mentoring Programs

    • CoE Peer Mentoring Program
      The College of Engineering Peer Mentoring Program is open to all new first-year Engineering students who want to benefit from the guidance of an experienced engineering student. These peer mentors provide support and direction to the first-year students, especially right before and after they move to campus.  Mentors help new students make connections with the people, places, and programs that will get them off to a good start in their first semester. It’s a fast and fun way to connect to the College and the campus.  This program is coordinated by the Engineering Advising Center.
    • Student/Alumni Professional Network
      (734) 647-7160
      The College of Engineering Student/Alumni Professional Network is a service that enables students and alumni to connect via email – a great way to gain career related advice, explore careers in engineering and network. The Student/Alumni Professional Network is coordinated by the Engineering Career Resource Center, and will be available soon on ENGenius.Jobs

    • Lunch & Lab with a Graduate Student Mentoring Program
      (734) 647-7028
      The Lunch & Lab with a Graduate Student Mentoring Program gives undergraduate students an opportunity to learn about graduate life and the application process from a current graduate student – and get a free lunch and possibly a lab tour in the process.  Students are matched based on preferences.  Mentors are provided with Munchie Money to pay for a meal at a Union eatery.  The program runs from September-November.

    • Graduate Advising
      (734) 998-9391
      Mentorship between faculty and graduate students is an important part of the graduate experience. In order to help support this, Rackham has provided numerous resources for both faculty and graduate students. These resources include mentoring guidelines and tips, workshops, and consultations. To access these resources and learn more about the mentor process or how to improve your mentoring relationship please visit Rackham’s Mentoring and Advising site.