Mentee Guide

Lunch and Lab with a Grad Mentee Guide

Pairs are made based on the best availability.  In some cases, an exact match cannot be made (ie. you may have asked for a master’s mentor, but only PhD mentors are registered for that department).

Mentors are asked to contact you to set-up your virtual meeting within two weeks.  If you don’t hear from your mentor, please email to follow-up.

If you have specific questions, email them to your mentor in advance, so they can be prepared to answer them.  Some topics you may want to cover:

  • How graduate school differs from undergraduate studies
  • Benefits of obtaining a graduate degree
  • Preparation timeline, graduate program options, deadlines, and key web links (shown inside brochure)
  • Tips for selecting research advisors
  • Advice on how to fill out graduate school applications
  • Funding
  • Student life

Following your meeting, please complete the online survey: