Mentee Guide

Lunch and Lab with a Grad Mentee Guide

Pairs are made based on the best availability.  In some cases, an exact match cannot be made (ie. you may have asked for a master’s mentor, but only PhD mentors are registered for that department).

Mentors are asked to contact you to set-up your virtual meeting within two weeks.  If you don’t hear from your mentor, please email [email protected] to follow-up.

Once your meeting is set, $10 in Blue Bucks will be added to your MCard.  This is to pay for your lunch.

The mentors were instructed to go over these resources for you::

Guide for U-M Students

Areas of Specialization

If you have specific questions, email them to your mentor in advance, so they can be prepared to answer them.  Some topics you may want to cover:

  • How graduate school differs from undergraduate studies
  • Benefits of obtaining a graduate degree
  • Preparation timeline, graduate program options, deadlines, and key web links (shown inside brochure)
  • Tips for selecting research advisors
  • Advice on how to fill out graduate school applications
  • Funding
  • Student life

Following your meeting, please complete the online survey.