Areas of Specialization

Aerospace Engineering

Adaptive Control for Aerospace Applications
Aerospace Information Systems
Autonomous Air Vehicles
Combustion & Energy Sciences
Composite Structures
Computational and Data Sciences
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Solid Mechanics
Control of Propulsion Systems
Electric Propulsion & Plasma Physics
Hypersonic Vehicles
Morphing Air Vehicles
Multidisciplinary Design & Optimization
Rotorcraft Aeromechanics
Smart Materials & Structures
Spacecraft Dynamics, Control, & Systems Engineering
Structural Health Monitoring
Turbulence & Fluid Mechanics
Wind Energy

Applied Physics

Biomedical, Chemical, & Environmental
Energy Conversion Materials
Energy & Environment
High-field Laser Science
Medical Physics
Natural Resources & Sustainability
Optical Science
Plasma Science
Quantum Electronics & Information
Solid State Opto-electronics
Synchrotron Radiation Studies
Thin Films & Nanostructures

Biomedical Engineering

Biomechanics & Mechanobiology
Computation & Modeling
Engineering Education
Micro-Nanotechnology & Molecular Engineering
Neural Engineering
Imaging & Biophotonics
Regenerative Medicine

Chemical Engineering

Atomistic Simulations
Computational Bio
Drug Design & Delivery
Energy Materials (batteries, solar cells, etc.)
ImmunuBio Engineering
Microfabrication/3D Printing
Molecular Engineering/Protein Engineering
Nanomaterials/Nano-assemblies/Soft Robotics
Tissue Engineering
Water Treatment/Water-Energy Nexus

Civil & Environmental Engineering

– Construction Engineering & Management (MSE/MEng)
– Geotechnical
– Hydraulics
– Intelligent Systems
– Materials
– Structures (MSE/MEng)
– Transportation
– Air Quality
– Ecohydrology & Environmental Fluid Mechanics
– Environmental & Sustainability Finance
– Environmental Chemistry
– Environmental Microbiology & Biotechnology
– Subsurface Processes
– Sustainable Energy Systems
– Water Quality Process Engineering

Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Applied Climate
Atmosphere – Biosphere Interactions
Atmospheric Chemistry
Atmospheric Dynamics
Climate:  Change & Modeling
High Energy Density Physics/Laboratory Astrophysics
Planetary Atmospheres & Magnetospheres
Space Engineering
Space Weather
Sun, Solar Wind & Heliosphere
Thermosphere, Ionoshphere & Magnetosphere
Weather: Clouds & Precipitation

Computer Science & Engineering

Artificial Intelligence
Chip Design, Architecture, & Emerging Devices
Databases & Data Mining
Embedded & Mobile Systems
Formal Methods & Automated Reasoning
Human-Computer Interaction
Languages, Compilers, & Runtime Systems
Networking, Operating Systems, & Distributed Systems
Secure, Trustworthy, & Reliable Systems
Theory of Computation
Warehouse-Scale & Parallel Systems

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Applied Electromagnetics & RF Circuits
Autonomous Systems (MEng)
Computer Vision
Control Systems
Data Science & Machine Learning (MEng)
Embedded Systems
Engineering Education Research (PhD only)
Integrated Circuits & VLSI
MEMS & Microsystems
Network, Communication & Information Systems
Optics & Photonics
Power & Energy
Signal & Image Processing & Machine Learning
Solid State & Nanotechnology

Engineering Education Research 

Computing Education
Design & Creativity
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Engineering Skills in K12
Instructional Innovation & Change
Learning Sciences
Students & Practitioners

Engineering Sustainable Systems

Sustainable Design & Manufacturing
Sustainable Energy Systems
Sustainable Water Systems

Industrial & Operations Engineering

Business Operations Engineering
Data Analytics & Applied Statistics
Health & Human Safety
Human Systems Integration
Operations Research & Analytics
Quality Control & Reliability Engineering

Integrative Systems + Design

Automotive Engineering
Design Science
Energy Systems Engineering
Global Automotive & Manufacturing Engineering
Systems Engineering + Design

Macromolecular Science & Engineering

Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Individualized Option
Materials Science & Engineering
Organic Electronics & Photonics

Materials Science & Engineering

Computational Materials
Electronic, Nano and Quantum Materials
Inorganic & Energy Materials
Metallic & Structural Materials
Organic & Biomaterials

Mechanical Engineering

Biomechanics & Biosystems
Dynamics & Vibrations
Mechanics & Materials
Mechatronics & Robotics
Micro/Nano Engineering
Mobility, Automotive & Transportation
Multi-scale Computation
Thermal Sciences

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Design, Production, & Management
Dynamics & Control
Marine & Offshore Structures
Marine Renewable Energy
Marine Robotics & Autonomy
Structural and Hydro-Acoustics
Yacht Design

Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Fission Systems & Radiation Transport
Nuclear Materials
Plasmas & Nuclear Fusion
Radiation Measurements
Scientific Computing (in conjunction with NERS specialization)


Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous & Connected Vehicles
Core Disciplines: Sensing, Reasoning, Acting
Deep Learning for Robotics
Human-robot Interaction
Legged Robotics & Exoskeletons
Manufacturing Robotics
Motion Planning
Rehabilitation Robotics
Robot Perception & Manipulation
Robot Teams & Swarms
Safe Autonomy
Simultaneous Localization & Mapping (SLAM)