CoE Acronyms

Acronyms Commonly Used in the College of Engineering

ADAA Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
ADGPE Associate Dean for Graduate and Professional Education
ADR Associate Dean for Research
ADUE Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
AELRC Ameritech Engineering Learning Resource Center
Aero Aerospace Engineering
AP Applied Physics
ASB Alumni Society Board
ATL Advanced Technology Laboratory
BBB Bob & Betty Beyster Building
BMC Biomedical Communications
BS Bachelor of Science
BSE Bachelor of Science in Engineering
BME Biomedical Engineering
BusOb Business Objects
CAEN Engineering IT Organization
CAS Cost Accounting Standards
CEDO Center for Engineering Diversity & Outreach
CEE Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEW Center for the Education of Women
CFE Center for Entrepreneurship
ChE Chemical Engineering
CILER Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research
CLASP Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering
CoE College of Engineering
CompE Computer Engineering
CRLT Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
CSE Computer Science Engineering
CUOS Center for Ultrafast Optical Science
DRDA Division of Research Development and Administration
ECRC Engineering Career Resource Center
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering
EECS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EER Engineering Education Research
EGS Engineering Graduate Symposium
EMAL Electron Microbe Analysis Laboratory
ERB Engineering Research Building
EWRE Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Building
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FXB Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Building
GGBL George G. Brown Laboratories
GMSRL General Motors Satellite Research Laboratory
GSAC Graduate Student Advisory Committee (College-wide)
GSC Graduate Student Council (department level)
IOE Industrial and Operations Engineering
IS+D Integrative Systems + Design
IST Institute for Science and Technology
ITS Information and Technology Services
ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems
LEC Lurie Engineering Center
LSA Literature, Science and the Arts (College of)
MACRO Macromolecular Science and Engineering
ME Mechanical Engineering
MEF Michigan Engineering Fund
MEMS MicroElectroMechanical Systems
MIBL Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory
MS Master of Science
MSE Master of Science in Engineering
MSE Materials Science and Engineering
MU Media Union (a.k.a. Duderstadt Center)
NAC National Advisory Committee
NAE National Academy of Engineering
NAME Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
NCRB North Campus Recreation Building
NCRC North Campus Research Complex
NERS Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
OSA Office of Student Affairs
OVPR Office of the Vice President for Research
PML Phoenix Memorial Laboratory
Rob Robotics
RPM Resource Planning and Management
SEA Summer Engineering Academy
SPRL Space Physics Research Laboratory
SRB Space Research Building
SSEL Solid-State Electronics Laboratory
UMTRI University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
VRL Virtual Reality Laboratory
WIMS Wireless Integrated Microsystems
WISE Women in Science and Engineering
WSTPC Wilson Student Team Project Center