2015-16 Funded Programs

March 28
April 18
May 3
ADVANCE at UM: Creating Institutional Change for Faculty and Student
Students’ use of video resources in a mechanical engineering course
Increasing Opportunities to Pursue STEM: Relevant Efforts by the Office of Science and Technology Policy
 Johnson Rooms, LEC
Space Research Building Auditorium Room 2246

 Abigail Azari, azari@umich.edu & Shanna Daly, srdaly@umich.edu
 January 22                            February 5                      February 19                          March 4                                March 18                            April 1                                    April 15  Quantum Coffee  GG. Brown Conf. Rm. 2540                                                           1:00-1:37  Shantonio Birch, swbirch@umich.edu 
 February 19th – Case and guidelines released to teams
March 11th – Case solutions due
March 14th – Semi finalists announced
March 18th – (subject to change) – Final formal presentation
 Michigan Graduate Consulting Club Case-Competition  TBD  8:00-3:00  Rosemarie Figueroa, rfjacinto@gmail.com 
 October 23      SMES-G & SHPE-G Social  Whirly Ball  6:00  Christian Greenhill, cmgreen@umich.edu & Juan Lopez, jslopez@umich.edu
 December 11  IS+D GSI & Grader Lunch-and-Learn  ISD Classroom 151   12:30-1:30  Virginia Hamori-Ota, otav@umich.edu
 March 17-18  SMES-G State of the Union  TBD  Various sessions  Phillip Hargrove, pthgrove@umich.edu 
 February 5  MICDE Student Association Kickoff  Arbor Brewing Company 4:30-8:30  Eric Harper, harperic@umich.edu
 March 7-18  Operation: Redefine Art
 Duderstadt Gallery  Gallery Hours  Jessica Jones, jrenejo@umich.edu
 January 13
 January 20
 February 3
 February 17
 February 24
 March 2
 March 16
 May TBD
 How to network professionally as a graduate student
 How to give a research elevator pitch
 How to communicate in business (presentations, emails, self-packaging) 
 How to give conference presentations
 How to navigate Q&A sessions
 Master the question and answer session: From conversation to presentation
 Get more out of your meetings: How to stop wasting time and start getting stuff done
 2150 Dow  6:00-7:30  Kaitlyn Mallett, kmallett@umich.edu; Shannon Moran, moranse@umich.edu; Yue Gong, gongyue@umich.edu
 February 23        Storytelling for STEM: A RELATE Workshop on Developing your Scientific Narrative                                                                                                                               RSVP at https://secure.rackham.umich.edu/Events/wsreg.php?ws_id=346  Johnson Rooms, LEC  11:30-1:00  Brandon Patterson, awesome@umich.edu
 October – April  LNF User Community Outreach: Contests and Social Hours  Varies by activity  Varies by activity  Adam Peczalski, peczalsk@umich.edu
 November 13  Diwali Celebration  EECS Atrium  5:00-6:30  Steven Pejuan, spejuan@umich.edu & Ann Riggs, amriggs@umich.edu
 April 1  Marketing Yourself in a Competitive Climate: Keys to Success In and Out of Engineering  Space Research Building Room 2246  10:30  Jessica Randolph, jrand@umich.edu 
 February 5  CEE Winter Warm-Up  2315 GG Brown   3:00-4:00  Jessica Randolph, jrand@umich.edu 
 April 12  Margo Oge Keynote Address: Improving the Climate for Women in Engineering  The Boeing Atrium, 1109 FXB  5:30  Maggie Reuter, mmreuter@umich.edu & Kelly Tepper, kltepper@umich.edu
 December 8  MS&E and ChE Holiday Social and Fundraiser  Johnson Rooms, LEC  5:30  Ellen Solomon, esitz@umich.edu; Aeriel Murphy, aerielm@umich.edu; Elaina Anderson, elainara@umich.edu
 January 23  Cross-Country Ski Trip: GradSWE Hits the Slopes!  Huron Meadows Metro Park 10:00-3:00   Kelly Tepper, kltepper@umich.edu & Stephanie Crocker, sjcrock@umich.edu
 May   Polymerization Fraternization: A Team Building Exercise to POLY/PMSE Camaraderie  The Adventure Park-West Bloomfield  TBD  Harry van der Laan, hllaan@umich.edu
 May 21  “Spring” Back Into Fitness 5K  Around North Campus  TBD  Sydney Williams, sydneyw@umich.edu
February 12  Writing Literature Reviews: Some Considerations  Wilson Center Conference Room 1000 12:00-1:00  Elaine Wisniewski, ewis@umich.edu & Pauline Khan, pbkhan@umich.edu