Graduate Student Co-Curricular Experiences Funding

The College of Engineering is excited to provide support to  College of Engineering graduate students, with financial need, in their pursuit of co-curricular learning experiences.

Typical Areas of Support for Co-curricular Experiential Learning:

  • Professional Development Experiences
    • Presentation skills
    • Developing, organizing, or managing  a business
    • Management skills
    • Leadership training workshops
    • Translating academic skills into diverse careers
  • Co-curricular
    • Non-technical conferences, including but not limited to ASEE, SHPE, SWE, NSBE, & oSTEM
    • Conference presentations outside of research track
    • Students working with underdeveloped countries to gauge technological needs
    • Policy engagement

*Please note that all co-curricular activities have to be held in a virtual format with no need for travel in order to be funded. This is due to University restrictions on travel to reduce spread of COVID. If you have concerns regarding this, please reach out to Mariah Fiumara at 

Application Procedure:

Eligible students may apply though the funding application at the bottom of this page. Before applying, please note that the application will require the following elements:

  • A brief description of the activity.
  • A narrative describing, in 250-500 words, the rationale for the activity and importance to one’s career goals.
  • A list of specific expenses covered by the award.
  • Description of financial need.

Please apply here. 

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact Mariah Fiumara at